Remi Martel
Montreal, Canada

My name is Remi Martel, I am a software developer based in Montreal. I graduated as a software and computer engineering student at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in April 2022. My experience so far mostly consists of internships and freelance work in web development. Most of it has been full-stack and back-end development, primarily in C#, but recently I have been doing more React and Node.Js work. I am also interested in video game development so I am always looking for opportunities to vary my experiences and explore new tech in my free time.

To this day, I have worked at Nightborn, UQAM, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and at Les Pros de la Photo in Montreal. At the CSA I learned how to work with the Unity engine and AR tech by working on a simulator of the ISS for the Hololens.

Each year, I like to volunteer at various video game-related events. Since 2016, I have been the LAN director at Otakuthon where I manage a team of volunteers. I also started volunteering for Dreamhack Montreal and LAN ETS where I work with the logistics and the tech support crews.

Back-end developer
Feb. 2021 - PresentContract
Nightborn, digital application agency - Brussels, Belgium

Full-stack developer
Aug. - Jan. 2020 (6 months)Contract
Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) - Montreal
  • Worked on remaking a VB script application in a .Net Core web application with C# and razor.
  • Developed an application front to back with unit testing and a modular data access layer to be reused in future .Net Core applications.
  • Deployed the app using Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes (K8s) into a CI/CD pipeline (DevOps).
Software Engineering Intern
Jan. - Apr. 2019 (4 months)Internship
Canadian Space Agency - Saint-Hubert
  • Used the Unity game engine and Microsoft's AR headset, the Hololens.
  • Worked on an augmented reality app for the International Space Station (ISS) used to train astronauts and for demonstrations.
  • Implemented an AMQP interface to synchronize animations between the training simulator and the HoloLens app.
  • Developed a test bench to measure the performance of the AMQP interface.
  • Significantly improved functionality of vocal commands in the Unity engine
Programmer Analyst junior
Jan. - Aug. 2018 (8 months)Internship
Les Pros de la Photo - Montreal
  • Implemented APS.NET CMS (Umbraco 8) to replace the in-house CMS
  • Created backend modules to supplement CMS functions:
    • Content publishing scheduler for mass publishing new products
    • Automatic image resizer to display them in the appropriate format depending on the user's device (reduce client-side compression).
LAN director & web dev team member
2016 - PresentVolunteering
Otakuthon, annual anime and japanese culture convention at Palais des congrès, Montreal
  • Managing the LAN section as well as volunteers and staff members.
  • Handling the logistics and inventory.
  • Problem Solving with LAN network.
  • Organizing the tournaments.
  • Finding solutions to ensure better control over the network.
Bac. In Software and Computer Engineering
Sept. 2018 – April. 2022
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and École de technologie supérieure (ETS)

Université du Québec, Montreal

  • Japanese course 1 (JPN1100)
  • Intro to cybersecurity (INF4471)
  • Computer Graphics (INF5071)
  • UI (INF4150)
  • Engineering and video game design (LOG750 - ETS)
DEC in Computer Science technology
Computer Science – Legacy to Mobile

Champlain College Saint-Lambert, Québec

  • Honor letter for keeping my grades above 80% throughout my last two semesters


Back-end languages


Front-end languages

CSS Javascript React.Js

Database languages



Wasteland (Log725 - ETS)

I made this game during an optional course at ETS (log725) with two teammates.

This game is a roguelike sidescroller where the character can fight zombies in a randomly generated level to gain money to unlock a second character. The two characters can be switched at any moment and their attacks combo to do more damage (fire DOT + wind = fire tornado). At the furthest point from the entrance in the generated level, there is an exit that leads to the boss.

  1. See the project (
  2. Gameplay video
Hard Reset (Global Game Jam 2020)

My first participation in the Global Game Jam at ETS. My team and I created a side-scrolling platformer around the year's theme: "repair".

My team was composed of only programmers and we used the Unity game engine to build the game.
After the first level, our game "crashes" and the player must repair it by finding and restoring some of the core mechanics of the game (jumping, animations, sound) represented as collectibles.

  1. GameJam page
  2. See the project (
Pixel Adventure (High school)

High School project made with Tristan Gosselin-Hane.

This is my first ever project where I programmed.

  1. Gameplay video
  2. See the project (